Imre Hamar - Curriculum Vitae

Name: Imre Hamar
Born in Győr (Hungary), 1. April 1967.

1992 MA degree of Eötvös Loránd University (Chinese and Tibetan)
1997 Ph.D. degree of the Hungarian Academy of Science, title of thesis: Modifications in Huayan tradition in 8-9th century - Chengguan’s life and his theory of the four dharma-dhātus
1997 assistant professor at the Department of East Asian Studies, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE). Other teaching experiences: 1991-96. teaching Chinese Buddhism at the Gate of the Dharma Buddhist College. 1994-97. teaching ancient Chines History and the History of Chinese Religions at the Department of Ancient History of József Attila University(Szeged).
2001 associate professor at ELTE
2002 head of the Department of East Asian Studies
2003 director of doctoral program in Chinese Studies
2004 habilitation, title of thesis: Manifestation of Buddha
2006-2007 vice dean of international affairs, Faculty of Humanities
2006 director of ELTE Confucius Institute
2008 director of Institute of East Asian Studies
2008 full professor of Chinese studies

Study trips:

1990-91 one year at Institute for Foreign Language (Yuyan Xueyuan) in Beijing
1992-93 one year at Normal University in Taipei
1997 two months at the University of Vienna, advisor: Prof. Ernst Steinkellner
1998 three months at Kansai Institute in Japan (Japan Foundation)
1999 two months at Hamburg University, advisor: Prof. Lambert Schmithausen (DAAD)
six months at Otani University, advisor: Prof. Noritoshi Aramaki (Japan Foundation)
2004 three months at Center for Chinese Studies, Taipei


1992 Conference for the 150. jubilee of Kőrösi Csoma Sándor’s death (Budapest)
1997 35th Conference of International Congress of Asian and North African Studies (Budapest)
1998 AAS meeting (Boston) Conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies (Lausanne)
2000 Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies (Torino)
2002 Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies (Moscow) Conference of International Association of Buddhist Studies (Bangkok)
2003 Daoism and Contemporary World: An International Conference of Daoist Studies (Boston) Conference of European Associaton of Chinese Linguistics (Ghent) International Conference Commemorating Venerable Songchol (Seoul) Conference Commemorating Pál Miklós (Budapest) Great Buddha Symposium 2. (Nara)
2004 Huayan/Kegon Conference (Budapest) – organizer
2005 Chinese Buddhism (Los Angeles) World Chinese Conference (Beijing) Conference of International Association of Buddhist Studies (London)
2006 Conference of European Associaton of Chinese Linguistics (Budapest) Chinese Buddhist Historiography (Hamburg)
2007 Stein and Dunhuang (Budapest) – organizer
2008 2. Huayan Conference (Paris) –organizer
2009 The International Symposium on the History and Present Condition of Cultural Exchange between China and Central & Eastern Europe (Budapest) – szervező The Dilun tradition in China and its impact (Geumgang University, Korea)
2010 Conference on Cross-cultural Researches on Buddhist Mythology (Beijing University)
2011 The first international academic conference of the Huayen in China (Xi’an)


1998 Harvard University
1999 Hamburg University
2002 Tokyo University Soka University (Tokyo)
2003 Dongguk University (Gyongju)
2004 Hamburg University
2005 Oxford University
2007 École Française d’Extrême-Orient
2008 University of Virginia
2009 UCLA, Berkeley, Wittenberg University (Ohio), Middlebury College, Coulmbia University, University of Notre Dame, University of Chicago, University of Washington
2011 University for Advanced Buddhist Studies, Tokyo

Visiting professorship:

2008 Sept-
2009 June
University of Viriginia, Dept. of Religious Studies, Fulbright grant
2010 May-
2010 July
Numata visiting professor at Hamburg University
2010 August teaching in Chengdu at the summer university organised by University of British Columbia and Renmin Daxue