Prof. Dr. Hamar Imre

Hamar Imre

He graduated from ELTE majoring in Tibetan and Chinese in 1992. He received his Ph.D. in 1997, and his habilitation in 2004.

He has been full professor since 2008, head of the Department of Chinese Studies since 2002, director of Institute of East Asian Studies since 2008, the head of the Department of Japanese Studies since 2012, and director of Confucius Institute since 2006.

He studies the history and philosophy of the Chinese Buddhist school, Huayan that flourished in China during Tang dynasty.

He teaches history of Chinese religions in BA program, and classical Chinese reading and Chinese Buddhism in MA and Ph.D. programs.

He was Fulbright visiting professor at University of Virginia and Numata visiting professor at Hamburg University. He received the Pro Universitate award at golden grade in 2010, and the Confucius Institute Performance Excellence Award of ther Year in 2011.

Main publications:
Kínai buddhizmus a középkorban -- Cs’eng-kuan élete és filozófiája, Balassi Kiadó 1998;
Buddha megjelenése a világban, Balassi Kiadó, 2002;
A Religious Leader in the Tang: Chengguan’s Biography. The International Institute for Buddhist Studies Tokyo, 2002;
Reflecting Mirrors: Perspectives on Huayan Buddhism, (szerk.) Harrassowitz Verlag, 2007.

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